About Helen

Hey there, I’m Helen Donnison, a registered clinical hypnotherapist,  medical herbalist and life coach.

I’ve been working in the health and wellness industry since 2001, and set up my first clinic as a medical herbalist in 2003. I have been integrating hypnotherapy and life coaching into my practice since 2005.

Having qualifications in both health science (Masters degree in Biological Science and a Diploma in Herbal Medicine) and modern applied psychology (Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and certificates in life coaching and CBT)  has helped me to understand more about the mind and the mind-body connection.

I originally trained in hypnotherapy in 2005 with Brandon Bays, completing The Journey practitioner programme. This was revisited in 2019, which was a year of intensive training in life coaching, hypnotherapy (including RTT), and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I found by weaving these modalities together, I was able to really help my clients to grow in confidence and allow their ‘authentic self’ to shine through.What I love about hypnotherapy is that I don’t need to have all the answers for you. My job is to help you find them for yourself, which is insightful and empowering.

Because of the challenges I’ve been through in my life – childhood trauma, health challenges, challenging relationships, divorce, single parenting, business and financial stresses – I have empathy and compassion to be able to help you navigate through your challenges in a non-judgmental way. I know how hard life is sometimes, and I’m grateful for the help I’ve had along the way.

My passion is about helping people feel well mentally and emotionally. A combination of hypnotherapy and herbal medicine can help to balance the nervous system to keep you calm and in control as you make changes in your life.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Fears, doubts and insecurities about your future
  • Feeling stressed or anxious about your current situation
  • Depression, guilt, anger or any other emotional state that’s affecting your life
  • A lack of confidence or courage to live your life they way you want to
  • Feeling powerless or like you have no control over your life
  • Stress – family, relationships, business or work, financial, health
  • Using food, alcohol or other substance to help you cope
  • Relationship and interpersonal issues such as bullying or abuse that are impacting on your business or family life
  • Physical health issues or weight problems caused by putting yourself and your needs last
  • Being the kind of leader or parent you aspire to being

I can help!

One of my strengths is being able to build good rapport with my clients, so that they feel that they’re in a safe and comfortable place to open up to me. I understand that it’s not always easy to talk about what’s really going on in your life, but together we can unpack it and work step by step to help you create a brighter future.

Everyone is on a different journey. Whether you’re struggling to find your place in the world or want to stop your past from affecting your future, I can help you to stand tall and shine brightly.



I definitely feel empowered … there’s a sense of ‘I’m in control’ post each session with Helen. The work that Helen has done with me is extremely personal and deep, and she has every quality that one would hope for when releasing such traumatic and life changing experiences. Helen has an approach that I feel comfortable with and have never experienced before.

I came to Helen with an issue I have struggled with for a long time. Helen gently guided me into a relaxed state where I was able to access a memory from my early life that related to this issue. It was awesome to get some clarity around where it came from and I felt I was able to create resolve in that memory which brought me relief. I felt deeply relaxed, and completely supported and safe.

When I met with Helen for a hypnotherapy session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Helen delved deep into the blocks I was holding onto to clear them and let me be my best self! I have had two sessions and both sessions have been extremely successful. A great therapy with great results!

The hypnotherapy sessions have been life changing for me. What Helen identified as being issues for me were right at the heart of the matter, and the results have wildly exceeded my expectations.

I was struggling with my studies and afraid I wouldn’t pass my course and graduate with my mates, so I went to Helen for hypnotherapy. I found her really easy to talk to and she helped me see how I could use my time better, trust my memory, and find the motivation I needed to study. I passed my next test with 100% and finished my year strongly.

I have only had two sessions of hypnotherapy with Helen but already I’m seeing changes in my behaviour and life patterns.  Day to day life does not feel so exhausting and I feel more relaxed in the things I do.  The sessions were very simple, easy to attend and relaxing.

Helen has helped me undertake an amazing journey of self-discovery.  During this journey I have learnt more and more about myself as Helen has helped me peel away the layers to allow me to really see myself clearly for the first time.  Helen has patiently but firmly guided me and by not allowing me to dodge the hard questions has made me at last be honest with myself.